She’s Electric and Everything Electric join forces to shift the dial on the gender gap.

Press Release

We are delighted to bring our She’s Electric experience to the world’s No.1 home energy and electric vehicle show this year – Everything Electric. To reach their audience with our message and campaign is a huge boost toward our goal of reaching 1 million women in 2024. 

We will have a range of electric bikes, from front-loading family Cargo bikes from CaGo to longtail compact cargo bikes and smaller folding models. All e-bikes have been selected to feel comfortable and practical for women to use in their everyday lives. 

Women will be able to test out e-bikes on the micromobilty demo track – run by Electroheads –  and we will be running women-only hours from 3-4 pm daily.

Our She’s Electric team will be on hand to give guidance, advice and hands-on support to women wanting to get started on an electric bike. We will have child seats and helmets to ensure it’s a safe, enjoyable family-friendly experience. 

We will also have the She’s Electric Boutique on site, a chance for women to browse and try a selection of stylish clothes and accessories that can help them cycle in style and get away from the ‘middle-aged man in Lycra’ cycling stereotype. 

We can also support women on their next steps, whether that’s finding the perfect e-bike or connecting them with safety training, local community groups or finding a cycling buddy. We want to ensure their journey to e-cycling is a safe and supported one and that they feel 100% electric!

Come and join us at the Excel London on 28th -30 March 

Code for 50% off tickets: SHESELECTRIC


Caz Conneller, Director of Community and Culture at Loud Mobility and creator of the She’s Electric Campaign, said:

“We are excited to work with the Everything Electric show to reach a wider audience with our She’s Electric experience. The gender gap is apparent across EV, active travel, and micromobility, and it’s important that we all work together to close it. 

“The ‘us and them’ mentality that can exist between cycling and driving is not conducive to mass behaviour change. It’s important we collaborate within e-mobility to give people multiple opportunities when it comes to their future transport choices .”

Sophie Perrygrove, CCO at Everything Electric, said:

“We are delighted to welcome She’s Electric to our first Everything Electric LONDON show, which will open at the ExCel later this month. Not only will they be bringing a range of e-bikes and cargo bikes for our test track that have been selected with women in mind, but there will also be an hour dedicated each day to women-only test rides for the first time ever at our events.

This is in recognition of the gender gap in e-mobility and the importance of supporting women in exploring the benefits of e-bikes. We look forward to working with Loud Mobility & She’s Electric more closely over the coming year to communicate their important initiative to our Everything Electric audience”