World Bicycle Relief

Project aims:
Develop and manage World Bicycle Relief's partnership and event participation of the UCI Cycling World Championships 2023
  • Project Delivery
  • Project Development
After their successful bid for global charity partnership with the UCI Cycling World Championships 2023, World Bicycle Relief appointed Loud Mobility to a six month contract to develop and project manage this key partnership and event participation.



Key partners:

UCI, Cycling World Championships, Transport Scotland, Glasgow Life, Wahoo, Santini, Maggie’s, Drygate Brewery Glasgow, and more


World Bicycle Relief’s programme participants (largely across the African Continent, 70% of which are women and girls), along with the above stakeholders and attendees of the Cycling World Championships 2023 by connecting with the social value that can be achieved through cycling.


People: 7,500

At the point of handover, fundraising efforts had delivered approximately 300 buffallo bikes to programme participants. World Bicycle Relief's research shows that each bike positively benefits five people through families and communities meaning 1,500 lives were benefitted by these bikes. With fundraising ongoing an estimated 6,000 further people will benefit.

Places: Global

The UCI Cycling World championships took place across Scotland. Our volunteers were mostly local people with a passion for impact through cycling. We ran activations in 4 key locations .

Planet: 1.2 Billion

A key aim for this project was to grow awareness of the organisation across global audiences. We achieved this via brand placements across events, out of home media throughout venues and media engagement around the world. Ultimately showcasing the charity to 1.2 Billion spectators around the world and the tens of thousands of visitors on the ground in Scotland.

Play: Our volunteers

The project team were unanimous in their review that the activations on site were made joyful thanks to the incredible volunteers supporting them. With 20 volunteers from all walks of life across each location, we were able to celebrate exam results, cycling achievements and share a lot of laughs Our participation in the Rouleur wrap party at Drygate Brewery was not only an opportunity to let our hair down together, but another fundraising opportunity with a specially made raspberry radler contributing 50p from every pint to World Bicycle Relief.