Peddle My Wheels

Project aims:
Peddle My Wheels appointed Loud Mobility to support the development of a viable commercial model and proposal for a pilot project, to deliver the OurBike e-cargo bike service in areas of high deprivation. 
  • Project Development
Loud Mobility teamed up with Peddle My Wheels to turn insights into a deliverable pilot. Pinpointing essential skills, crafting a solid delivery plan, and mapping out deliverables within a detailed framwork underpinned with a financial plan.



the illustration shows two people standing by a bike. On the left is a woman wearing a green jumper, looking at the bike with interest. On the right is a man holding the bike as though showing it to the woman.

Key partners:

Peddle My Wheels commissioned the work.
The findings and proposal have been shared with the Department for Transport alongside multiple Local Authorities across the UK.


The project sought out to support people living in areas of high deprivation, to have access to and benefit from sustainable transport solutions.
The pilot project and model continue to be available to establish in communities across the UK.